Social Media and Beauty – That’s My Colour


Morning, all. I hope you’re all having a good week. Today I want to have a chat to you about beauty and online marketing. Fashion and beauty brands are becoming more creative in the way in which they do online marketing. Companies such as ASOS are using Google Hangouts to bridge the gap between user and the world of fashion and Lush are taking advantage of YouTube with behind the scenes and ‘How To’ videos. One of my favourite campaigns from last year has to be the #ThatsMyColour campaign by Mavala.

Crowdsourcing was quite the thing in 2013. Some people didn’t quite understand the concept of if, and would throw the word around just to look cool and keep clients happy. However, there were some who got it right, some who realised the potential of creating products with the help of their customers. Mavala was one of the brands that got this. They understood the benefits of crowdsourcing and managed to create a successful and engaging campaign through social networking sites.

Mavala has been active in the world of social media for a good few years. I’ve seen then collaborating with bloggers, interviewing them and giving new social platforms a test drive. Last year they decided to take to their social channels and ask users what colours they would like to see as a nail varnish. It was very simple, users were asked to upload a photo to Twitter or Instagram of objects which featured the colours they would like to see in a bottle.

This type of campaign is not only brilliant for Mavala but also for their customers. The project gives a sense of involvement, ownership and interest which is likely to lead to purchase of the final products.


I’ll be back over the weekend with a closer look at the winners; Hearth, Iridescence and Argentum.

John Lewis is one of the best places to get hold of Mavala, unless you live in Southwold and then you should go to the friendly pharmacy next to the art shop.