Everything I had to know. heard it on my radio..


Ever since I was young I’ve had a radio in my bedroom. Not for the latest pop songs, but for the late night chat shows. No matter which station I happened to tune into there would be a lively host and a bunch of opinionated guests calling up. I really enjoyed the kind that would allow listeners to go straight to air without being screened, that’s where the fun, the arguments and the craziness would start.

I’ve listened to various chat shows over the years. I remember names such as The Tom Binns Thing and Nick Margerrison who were on Hallam FM for a few years. It took a lot of effort for me to get hold of that channel. I was all the way over in Huddersfield squished up in the corner of my bed, balancing the radio on my head just to try and catch their late night shows. I then moved onto Talk Sport once it became harder to tune into a Sheffield station.

Anyway, things are much easier these days. We have the beauty of a DAB radio and maybe the even easier option, podcasts. I spent a good few years listening to Russell Brand, Ricky Gervais and Stuff You Should Know. These 3 are still on my phone and I often pop one on at night whilst I’m getting ready for bed.

As much as I enjoy podcasts, there is still something special about skipping through various radio stations and falling upon a hilarious chat show. The little beauty in the photo was sitting in my bedroom in the months leading up to Christmas. It was nice to have the chance to enjoy listening to the radio again, it really had been too long. It’s an added bonus that Pure have a range designed by the fantastic Orla Kiely, I can assure you that they’re all very pretty.

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Do you listen to the radio much?