House & Home: Beautiful Blankets

The other week Mat was looking for a new blanket, I spent a little time browsing through various websites and sent him some of my favourites. It wasn’t much later in the evening when I found myself back on sites like Urbanara, John Lewis and The Wool Company. I honestly didn’t realise the wonderful variety of blankets that are available. I didn’t realise that I’d be so taken by some of them. Honestly, there are some real beauties about at the moment.

It’s been a while since I purchased a new blanket or throw (I think they’re the same thing). I have a lovely purple blanket on my bed, which you may have seen in my old room. I try to buy mostly white bedding, so this blanket tends to go well with everything. However, I think it’s time to invest in something a little more cosy, something which doesn’t just look good on my bed but something which will also look good on me. I’ve been very busy lately and I’m craving an evening wrapped up in a warm blanket with lots of tea watching Sons Of Anarchy.

I’ve pulled together some of my favourite blankets in preparation for when I move in a few weeks. I haven’t decided on my budget just yet as I’ll be buying a lot of new furniture and don’t want to go OTT with a blanket. However, I have decided that a good quality blanket is a must and I want to spend a little extra and get something that will last.

Here are my 3 luxury picks:

Blanket 1

1 – Cashmere Tartan Throw    2 – Visby Wool Blanket      3 – Bronte Stripe Throw


I really like the cashmere throw from The Wool Company and it comes in a wide range of classic colours. I can imagine this knocking about for years but it’s not in my price range just yet. John Lewis have a beautiful variety of blankets in varying prices, they’re well worth checking out. I think the real winner in this bunch is wool blanket from Urbanara. It’s 100% wool so is sure to be cosy and warm. I pretty sure that I’ll be picking up a few things from Urbanara, they stock some beautiful things.

These are my 3 favourite affordable picks:

Blanket 2


1 – Woven Blanket    2 –  Checked Wollen Blanket    3 – Joshua Wool Blanket 

These 3 pretty blankets are a little more purse friendly. Zara and H&M have a good selection of blankets which are all veyr affordable. The nice thing when buying cheap and cheerful throws means you can grab a few and change them about every few months. The rusty orange and earthy blanket is probably my favourite of the 3. It’s from The Wool Company and is in the sale, which is always a nice bonus. A blanket is always a good way to change up your home. Popping a throw on your sofa or bed is a simple and cheap way to change your colour scheme. 

Which is your favourite?