Wild Rose Hand Cream – The Body Shop


I’ve been back at home over the last week and totally forgot to bring a hand cream with me. I’d normally just pop to town and pick up a new tube but I didn’t get the chance as I’ve been busy with work. Luckily my mum has lots of hand creams knocking about the house. I decided to take full advantage of this and even got the chance to try Wild Rose hand cream, which was part of my Christmas gift to her.

The first thing I want to mention is that it’s not as thick as The Body Shop’s Hemp hand-cream. If you have dry skin then stick to Hemp ’til your hands are back to normal and then try out this hand cream.

The Wild Rose hand cream is ideal for those of your with more ‘normal’ skin. It does a good job at keeping your hands soft and has the added bonus of containing SPF15. This hand cream smells beautiful and I’m pleased to say that it didn’t cause any skin irritation. My mum also has sensitive skin and she has been fine with it.

The cream is said to be beneficial for mature skin and reduces the appearance of brown spots. I can’t really comment on this and my main reason for picking the product was because of the scent. I knew my mum would love it. I’m keen to buy myself a tube of this cream but as my hands are still suffering from dryness I think I’ll wait ’til the summer.

This hand cream is a real treat to keep in your bag and I’m I want to try more from the Wild Rose collection.

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Do you buy many products from The Body Shop?