Lovely Kiku review

IMG_5440Lovely Kiku – Yankee Candle*

We seem to be quickly making our way through February. A very rainy February actually! I can’t decide if I wish it would snow or if I’m longing for the summer sun. What would be ideal, is a beautiful snowfall followed by bright sunshine to make the snow sparkle. I don’t think that’s going to happen but a girl can wish.

I’ve been very thankful for toasty socks, warming orange & rooibos tea and candles over the last few weeks. These things have helped to make evenings by my laptop warm and cosy.

I was kindly sent Lovely Kiku from the Beautiful Blooms range at Yankee Candle. Lovely Kiku is a candle which I’d have never picked up in the shop. I would have admired its pretty lilac shade and marvelled at the beautiful chrysanthemum on the front but then skipped on to the spicy members of the Yankee Candle family.

This candle is very warming and has a sweet vanilla scent with a little floral kick. It’s perfect for those of you who like the scent of vanilla but find many candle versions too sweet and sickly.

I’ve actually tried quite a few non spicy scented candles during January. I picked up a few in the John Lewis sale and have also been lucky enough to sample some. I’m slowly but surely realising that a candles don’t always have to sell like Christmas.

Have you been burning any candles this week?