Norwich – The Banger Stop

Morning, all.

Today I have a post for those of you in Norwich.

Right in the middle of Norwich Market is a bloody good hot dog stand. It’s called The Banger Stop. They hand make all their sausages and they really are good quality.

Banger stop norwich
They offer a classic, chilli and extra pimped up hot dogs. If you just fancy a snack then try the mini hot dog (£2.00). Every dog comes with onions, cheese and a little salad. If you like it plain then let the friendly staff members know and they will sort it out.

I always go for the chilli dog (£2.70) and suggest you do too. They add  good dollop of their own chilli sauce which is packed full of paprika and red pepper.

If you decide to go for a classic dog then make sure you ask for their homemade ketchup, it’s delicious.


These are the best hot dogs, ever. If you stop by Norwich then make sure you give The Banger Stop a visit.