There’s a feast on the street will you come?

Feast on the Street will be happening next Thursday – 27th March and all you Norwich folk should stop by.

For those of you who haven’t heard, Feast on the Street is the brainchild of Mr. T’s CateringNom Catering and Hushwing Cafe. They wanted to share the street food revolution with Norwich and  you can find them just outside The Forum every month with a bunch of other street food friends.

The first thing you will notice at Feast on the Street is that everyone is happy to chat. Each food trader is passionate about their food, their story and sharing it with others.

Gadgetoid and I managed to make it at lunch and dinner time, greedy little sods.







First up was The Proper Pizza Company. These were the guys who told me all about Feast on the Street and were kind enough to bring along a little Buffalo mozzarella to make sure I could have a slice. To me, street food is all about sharing and trying as much as you can. Gadgetoid, Tripleox and Tipp all had a slice of the simple but delicious pizza.




Before heading back to work, Gadgetoid grabbed a duck wrap from The Duck Truck. This was shared, for blog reasons of course. For £5 you get a big wrap filled with duck. There was plenty to share but I can’t wait to get one all to myself next time.





After the working day was done we went straight back to the food trucks. e8 Food Company was the fist stall I spied as I walked towards the The Forum. I took this as a sign and quickly ordered  a Spicy Fish Dog. This came in a wrap filled with a zesty crunchy salad. It’s basically a hot dog made of fresh local fish. So so tasty.

Before we go on I should point out that Gadgetoid and I were still sharing…we needed to make sure we had room for as much food as possible.




After  fighting over the last bites of the Spicy Fish Dog we trotted ’round to Tatty Bojangles. The world’s best mexican chilli? Yeah, these guys really know what they’re doing. The chilli is served on a bed of rice and just look at it, it’s beautiful. We asked to have it extra hot.. but it still could have been a little spicier.




The two friendly faces at Mr. T’s Catering made a good excuse to grab a venison burger. As the burger was being made we chatted about social media and all things Norfolk. The first bite of the burger was succulent and the parsnip and chilli chutney gave it a spicy little kick.


There was no way we were leaving without a coffee and a box of cupcakes. We headed ’round to Hushwing Cafe for a chat and a flat white before making our last stop at Cupcake & Co.



We decided on a lemon brownie (my favourite), coconut brownie, avocado cupcake and banana cupcake from Cupcake & Co. We are looking forward to stocking up on the lemon brownies and trying some others.

Armed with a box of delicious cupcakes and coffee we made our way home, more than satisfied with what turned out to be a pretty good evening meal. We tired almost everything and it cost less than a trip to a restaurant!

The downside to Feast on the Street? Waiting a whole month for the feast to begin all over again, but luckily there’s only a week to go now. The next Feast in the Street will be held on Thursday 27th March (12-8).

I’m hoping to see Flippin Pattys , The Waffle Works, Fruit Pops and Nom Catering next Thursday.

Does anything like this go on in your local town?

Oh, Cambridge kids might be interested in Eat Cambridge.