Alternative Nespresso Pods: Gourmesso Coffee

Hello, have you all had a good start to the week? I’m finally back with the internet and life can resume.

I thought I’d get back on track with a post about coffee. I always start my day with a strong coffee and it usually comes from my Nespresso machine. I don’t buy coffee out as often as I used to, it just never tastes as good as the ones I make at home (really). The kind people over at Gourmesso spotted my love for all things Nespresso and dropped me an email to say hello. A few days later a box filled with beautifully packaged coffee landed on my doorstep.

I’m a sucker for packaging and the Gourmesso coffee pods did not disappoint. They’re are wrapped in a colourful shiny wrapper and almost look like sweeties. Once you open up the wrapper the strong aroma of coffee comes floating out. This isn’t something I’ve experienced with other capsules before, so it was a pleasant surprise.

I’m always a little cautious when it comes to trying new pods in my Nespresso machine. I worry that they might get stuck and I could be without coffee for weeks. Luckily, that has never happened, some have been a struggle to work with but that’s about it. Gourmesso pods are fully compatible with Nespresso machines and yes, they really are.


See the little number in the top corner? That’s the intensity of the coffee. I went straight for ’10’ when I first tried these. The Risretto Blend Forte is, as you would imagine, pretty intense and rich. I drank mine black with a little brown sugar and found it perfect for an early morning shot of coffee. It had quite an interesting taste, a little nutty.


If you prefer your coffee slightly less intense then the Lungo Latino Mezzo will be more suited to you. Gadgetoid liked this with lots of warm milk, but for me it wasn’t strong enough. I solved this problem by drinking it as an espresso.

For those of you who aren’t sure, lungo means long in Italian. It’s an espresso coffee but with twice the amount of water.


The last pod I want to mention is The Soffio Cioccolato. It’s not a coffee pod I’d have picked but it ended up being one of my favourites. This pods has an added kick of chocolate, it was warming, sweet and went well with a dash of milk. It’s nice to enjoy a flavoured coffee without all the syrup.


 A little more info: 

Gourmesso offer 16 different varieties of espresso and lungo pods (including decaf, limited editions and fair-trade) which can be all found on their website.

Capsules start at 0.21p – not bad for a cup of coffee! They’re said to be 30% cheaper then Nespresso and offer free delivery for orders over £40.

With Nespresso you’re buying into a lifestyle and I think a lot of people will always want to stick with that, especially as the coffee is so damn good. But.. sometimes it’s nice to try an alternative and when the alternative blends are as unique and delicious as Gourmesso it’s easy to stray.

Will I give up the traditional Nespresso pods? Nope, no way. Will I be buying coffee from Gourmesso again? Yes, there’s room in the world of Nespresso for lots of coffee pods. It’s nice to have a change from time to time and I’d like to try more of their special flavours.

Do you ever stray from your Nespresso pods?