Life Update – A New Chapter – April



April is fast approaching and with it comes the beautiful pastels of Easter and many birthday celebrations, including my own. This year April is going to represent a new and very exciting chapter in my life and I can’t wait to share my journey with you.

With the upcoming changes and challenges I plan to take my blog back to being the personal lifestyle blog it once was. When I moved to Norwich I started to retreat back into the shell I’d once lost. I shared less on the blog, left my camera on its shelf instead of ’round my neck and felt quite alone starting out in another new city.

I spent my free time trying to learn as much as I could towards my new career. I put extra effort into making new friends and dashed back homehome at any given chance. I took my blog down a new route and dived into frequent product and food reviews. This took front stage and my personal life and became, well, personal. Why? I didn’t want colleagues knowing too much about my day to day routine and my long term plans.

Things are quickly moving on and I’m just about ready to share my plans, spend more time with my camera and let you all back into my life. It’s something I’ve really missed doing.

There are many other things I’m looking forward to with the arrival of April. I’m in the process of a slight career shift, taking more time to work on personal projects and I’m hopeful of better weather. I have a trip up North (first time in 3 years), some time to visit London and I’m pleased to say that I’ve finally got back into a gym routine. During March my usual five sessions fell to one and I’m paying for it.

What are you looking forward to in the month of April?