Fresh Hairstyle – The Egg – Norwich

On Friday I decided it was time to get my hair cut. Not only had it been about 8 months since I last set foot in a salon, but with a new chapter on the horizon it was perfect timing. A fresh style, tidy up or even a blow-dry can make a huge difference to how you look and feel.

I called a few places in Norwich (I like to book on the day I go) and ended up going to The Egg. I’d heard a lot of good things about it since moving to Norwich and felt pretty confident. Andrea listened to me babble on about the reasons why I normally go for a full fringe, why I didn’t think I’d go for one this time and then quickly flip through a few photos on Pinterest. She snipped away all the dead hair, added in a few layers and dried it to perfection.

I was delighted with the results and snapped a quick photo. I then did what any good blogger would, smacked some Instagram filters on top and shared them with the world.

Hair 2

Hair 1

I’ve already booked my next appointment for May and hope to get into the routine of keeping my hair in a healthy condition.

Do you get you hair cut on a regular basis?