Tea Tuesday: Licorice Mint – Yogi Tea


Yogi – Licorice Mint

Back in 2011 I tried licorice and mint tea for the first time (Tea Pigs). I almost didn’t try the tea as I felt sure that there was no way it would taste good. The first sip was insane, seriously. I’d never tasted anything quite like it and immediately fell in love. I’m generally not a fan of licorice but when it’s blended with mint something magical happens.

The tea I’ve just finished up is Licorice Mint from Yogi. This stuff is delicious. It’s a sweet tea with a warm spicy kick to it. Aside from the obvious it contains peppermint, cinnamon and ginger (my favourites) which are all good for digestion.

Each teabag is individually packed within the box. I found this really handy for throwing in my bag when I’m off to work.

Have you tried tea from Yogi before?