Food: Madécasse – Sea Salt & Nibs

Sea Salt & Nibs - MadecasseSea Salt & Nibs packaging

I’ve been lucky enough to have a few trips to London during May. On each trip I managed to pop into Whole Foods to browse and pick up a few bits. One of the many things I got was a bar of Madécasse Sea Salt & Nibs chocolate. It was the beautiful packaging that really stood out to me on the shelf so I decided to give it a try.

As I examined the packaging on the way home I knew there was going to be a wonderful story behind the chocolate. I was right.

Sea Salt & Nibs front

Madécasse was founded by Tim McCollum & Brett Beach in 2006. They were volunteers in Madagascar (off the coast of Africa). They decided to set up a company to produce chocolate from the local beans in Madagascar and then invest the money back into the local economy and the farmers. Want to know the best bit? The chocolate is grown, made and packaged on the island of Madagascar – they’re the only company to do this. This truly is a fair trade chocolate.

The Madécasse range is continually growing. Everything is sourced locally from vanilla to chilli. The range includes milk all the way up to 80% cocoa dark chocolate. I’m keen to try the 80% Cocoa as I’m a huge fan of dark chocolate but I’m also tempted by the toasted coconut, peppermint and winter spice…actually they all sound good.

Sea Salt & Nibs chocolate

I really enjoyed the flavour of Sea Salt & Nibs. It’s a 63% dark chocolate which is dusted with a little sea salt, contains cocoa nibs and has a slight fruity after taste. It’s delicious and I can’t wait to try out more from the range and support a truly fantastic brand.

Watch this video to find out how far beyond fair trade this company really goes.