House & Home: Storage Unit from Next

I really need some storage for my bathroom. Something to chuck all the face creams, body scrubs and shampoo in. I personally prefer a storage unit to have doors on or at least consist of baskets. It makes it easier to hide away the mess and keep everything looking neat and tidy.

I’ve found lots of cheap and cheerful plastic draws but they aren’t quite what I’m looking for this time ’round. I want something that looks good and is set to last for a few years, especially as I’m always moving house.

Next storage
Storage Unit – Next

I was having a little browse at Heals and John Lewis the other day but everything was very samey. There were lots of open shelves and grand free standing cupboards but nothing in the middle. I’d almost given up when I decided to pop over to Next.

I go through phases of browsing the Next website. They usually have good bits and bobs for the home and they sometimes have nice shoes. I checked out their storage section and these fun retro styled storage units popped up. They come in four colours (you can see 3 of them above) and I’m pretty taken by the blue and white. My favourite feature has to be the sliding doors. They’re a little pricy at £75 but are definitely on my list to consider as I’ve found a lot of Next products to be good quality and they would fit well in a bathroom or even the bedroom. What do you think of them?

How do you store all your cosmetics?