What I wore: Clarks brogues


Clarks Brogues

Brogues – Clarks, Bag – Red Valentino from Shopbop (out of stock most places but check Ebay)

What do you think of my new shoes? They’re from Clarks. Yes, that shop that had a machine to measure your feet, the place where shoes came with a magic key and the one you didn’t think you’d set foot into after the age of 10. It seems like things are changing for Clarks, or at least I think they are. The window displays have been filled with eye-catching pastel brogues. I’m sure they have new buyers.

Last week I realised I needed new pair of sensible but cute shoes and decided to see what Clarks had on offer. I was most impressed by their selection of brogues and for those inspired by 60’s footwear you must out the Orla-Kiely range. After trying on a variety of pastel shoes I came away with these grey and silver brogues. They were exactly what I wanted to replace my brogue Dr.Martens which are now looking pretty beat up.

My new shoes cost £54.99 which I think is about right for a quality shoe. You can pay much more for high-street fashion shoes which wont last longer than a few months. So far these have been very comfortable and work well with a floaty dress. They’re not too flat and yet not too chunky which makes them ideal for meetings and day trips.

My next shoe investment is likely to be a repurchase of shoes from 2011. I’m keen to get another pair of cowboy boots from Bronx or some cute moccasins from Minnetonka.


I wore my Bronx* cowboy boots to death throughout 2012 and 2013. They hold dear memories of the time I spent in Southwold and the many trips into London I used to take. I had to force myself to throw the boots away after I decided to wear them throughout the rainy autumn months of 2013. I got two years good wear out of them and I’m keen to get another another pair as soon as possible. I think I’ll be quick to add an extra protective heel onto these boots when I get them.


I got my last pair or Minnetonka moccasins in New York. They were much cheaper than they are here. I now know how comfy and versatile they are so I’ll be happy to pay a little more for them. I still have this pair but they’ve been ruined by the rain and I can’t bring myself to get rid of them ’til they’ve been replaced. They hold a lot of memories from first visit to New York.

Do you have shoes which hold memories?