3 Things to do in Southwold

Today I wanted to share a few snaps from Southwold and tell you some of my favourite things to do there. These are just 3 simple things, nothing too detailed, no fancy meals but just a few things to keep an eye out for.

There are lots of fancy restaurants, beautiful clothes shops and a even a fantastic bakery in Southwold but I will save those for another time.

Trips to the beach should be fun. Don’t over think it. Just pack your camera, sunglasses and a waterproof (this is England we’re talking about) and jump on the train or bundle into the car and set off. I personally think that a seaside trip should consist of lots of walking, fish and chips and of course, a traditional 99 ice cream. 


If you like walking then head down to the harbour and nip across the bridge to Walberswick. Keep following the signs ’til you get to the village. I remember the walk taking a little over an hour but I walk quite fast. Once you’re at the village have a waddle around the few shops then head to The Bell (I read that it’s over 600 years old) for fish & chips and friendly service.

If you’re feeling lazy you can jump into the little family owned (5 generations now) ferry and float across the Blyth. 

Southwold pier 2Prettygreentea the pierIMG_9079

If you don’t fancy a long walk then head towards Southwold Pier. You will find fish & chips with a view, a cute little shop called Seaweed & Salt and unusual attractions to keep everyone amused. Make sure you check out the Under The Pier Show. There’s a selection of crazy machines all created by Tim Hunkin. Find out more about the Gene Forcaster, Rent-a-Dog and the Autofrisk over on the website.

If you want to save your pennies for a fancy meal back in the town then walk to the end of the pier and gaze back at the beauty that is Southwold.

IMG_7516IMG_1928Ice cream in Southwold..

Finally, don’t forget to treat yourself to an ice cream. You can go to the ice cream van, Beaches & Cream or Suzie’s Cafe.


What are your favourite things to do at the seaside?