Tea Tuesday: Rooibos



It’s Tea Tuesday and today I’m sharing a box of Rooibos tea from Health and Heather.

I picked this up in Holland and Barrett along with a few other teas during one of their good old penny sales. That was ages ago. I probably should have told you about it a good few months back but I’ve just not had the chance. Anyway, the box is empty and I’m finally here to share my thoughts with you.

I want to start off by telling you a little more about rooibos tea. Rooibos tea is caffeine free and high in antioxidants.  It has quite an unusual taste, I personally find it very woody and full bodied. When I first tried rooibos tea I wasn’t sure what I thought of it.. After a few cups I loved the stuff. I tend to find that’s the way with most herbal teas (you have to try them more than once). These days rooibos is one of my favourite types of tea, though I could never commit to just one tea. When I have a headache I usually go for a good quality rooibos as I find it very warming and calm.

The tea I drink at home is often different to the one I drink at work. At work I like to keep it cheap and cheerful as I tend to drink so much. This little box is from Holland and Barrett and is part of the Health and Heater range which are usually on special offer or cost under £2.

I’ve had better rooibos from brands such as Chash Tea and Tea Pigs but for a cheap and cheerful box which you can pop in your draw this does the trick.

Have you been drinking much tea today?