Mavala – Warm Grey


I often stick to the same colours when it comes to painting my nails. I generally love wearing reds, mint greens and various shades of pink. However, I went through my make-up a few weeks back and came across some interesting shades of nail varnish which I hadn’t used. One of them was Warm Grey from Mavala. I’ll admit that it doesn’t look very exciting in the bottle (probably why I’d never used it) but once you’ve applied a thick coat to your nails it’s much more interesting.

I really like how this nail varnish looks against white and pastel shades. I’ve worn my mint polka dot dress and lots of pale pink and blue cardigans and my grey nail varnish really stands out. This nail varnish would also work well for work or meetings but still allow you to try something new on your nails.

Warm Grey Nails
I’m still wearing it now and I like catching sight of my grey nails typing away on the keyboard. It makes a nice change to be experimenting with new colours.

I’ve been a big fan of Mavala nail varnish for quite some time now. I find that adding a good top coat (I use the Mavala Fixator) makes the varnish last for a good few days, maybe longer if you’re not as clumsy as me.¬†Anyway, that’s enough for now, I’ll be back with another nail varnish post in a few days (Ivory Beige).

You can find this nail varnish in good old John Lewis.

What colours have you been wearing on your nails this week?