Beauty: Using coconut oil for skin and hair


I’ve heard a lot about the benefits of coconut oil and thanks to MyPure I am now in on the action. I am the proud owner of a pot of Now Coconut Oil and there’s no going back. It’s reduced at the moment so it’s worth checking out.

The first thing I noticed was that the oil doesn’t have a scent. I thought it would smell of coconut but clearly I was wrong because there’s nothing there.

The very first thing I used this for was to remove my eye make-up. I had lost the remover I was using and my new jar of coconut oil came to the rescue. I simply took a little (and I really mean a little) of the product onto my fingers and massaged it onto my lashes and around my eyes. I then removed it with a cotton pad and as if by magic, it all came off. I didn’t need to drag the skin around my eyes, it was all very gentle and quick. I was especially pleased as it didn’t irritate my eyes or the skin around them.

In the same evening I decided to apply the cream to my face, hands, elbows and feet before bed. After just a few days of continual use my poor dry elbows were sorted and my skin was feeling much softer and hydrated. I always use my coconut oil in the evening because it’s greasy, as you would expect.

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to start using coconut oil. I must admit that it feels very good to be using a product that is 100% natural.

The only downside to this jar of coconut oil is that it’s quite heavy. I had to leave it behind on a few short trips during the month, luckily I had a few other products to keep me going (more on those later).


Below are some ways I’ve used the coconut oil: 

Eye make-up remover – take a dot and massage it around your eyes then remove mascara with a cotton pad.

Night-time face cream – for when skin is particularly dry. I think it will be perfect for the colder months.

Lip-balm – the jar stays by my bed and it’s easy to swipe a little on my lips just before bed.

Night-time hand cream – I’m less likely to use it during the day as it’s quite greasy but applying it at night works a treat.

Rub into elbows, knees and the rest of the body – I focus on elbows because it’s been too hot to use it every night as a body cream.

Foot cream – I’ve replaced my Burt’s Bees foot cream (which I still love) and used this every night for a week with hydrating results.

– Apply to hair, leave over night and wash in the morning – My hair has been really dry at the ends and using this once a week helps.

Finally, you can also add sugar to make your own body scrub and salt to create a foot scrub. I’ve not tried doing either of these things yet but will be sure to report back when I have.

I’m pretty sure coconut and olive oil are the way forward with skin care. Will I cut out other products? I can see myself replacing a lot with coconut oil, especially during winter (it can be sticky when the weather is hot). However, it will depend how dry my skin is. I imagine I’ll use the oil on my hands and to remove make-up regularly.

I enjoy trying new products so I will always keep an eye open for new creams, but I’m keen to explore more natural options.

What’s your favourite use for coconut oil?