Life: Positive thinking


Over the last 2 weeks I’ve felt exhausted. I’ve worried over silly things, questioned every decision I made and generally felt a little unmotivated. I’m pleased to say that during this time I made it to the gym 5 times each week. I kept on top of my work and even continually made notes for the personal project I’m working on. So in reality, things were pretty good. Although I was being productive I didn’t realise it. I was focusing on how tired I felt, how bad my hay-fever has been and ended up bringing myself down which then made me even more tired and drained. I shouldn’t have left it so long to take my own advice on overcoming a slump.

Luckily, I’ve now managed to pull myself up and out of the slump. I still feel a little tired but that’s to be expected with exercise, travel and hard work. I took a few steps back and realised I was causing myself a lot of stress for nothing. It’s like when you see those people who simply complain about their life on Facebook (unless you’ve removed them form your news feed, like me). If they took some time to evaluate the positives and stopped dwelling on the negatives then they too would realise things aren’t so bad. Each time these people update Facebook with their latest drama I think it just attracts even more. It’s easy to only think about the negatives, I get that. But it’s boring, it brings the people around you down and I honestly believe it makes things much worse. Think and act positively then good things will come – read up on the Law of Attraction, it’s something I’m very interested in and would love to know your thoughts on it.

What I’ve taken away from the last 2 weeks is that I must be more patient. I can’t expect to see results (gym and work) straight away, things take time. As soon as I notice myself focusing on a negative situation then I need to step back and do something that makes me happy. I need to look at my goals for the year and see what my next steps are to achieve them. Basically, I need to focus and do something that will take my mind away from creating more negative points in my life.

On Tuesday evening I made a list of the fantastic things in my life. This list turned out to be very long. It included things like; already having 4 clients for my freelance work (3 months into freelancing), being able to pack up my laptop and call any city my office, enjoying going to the gym and much more. This time last week I was looking on all these things in a negative way. But guess what, flip it (I’m pretty sure there’s a book called that) and things aren’t so bad, they’re actually really good.

What are your thoughts on positive thinking?