Food: 3 Places to eat in Sheffield

I’m lucky enough to be able to pick up my laptop, jump on a train and head to a new city to call my office for a few days.

I’ve been up to Sheffield a few times over the last couple of months and thought I would share a few foodie places with you. This isn’t going to be a full review, just an overview of 3 venues which have filled me up, offered good service and I’ll be sure to visit again.

Here are three places worth checking out if you’re in Sheffield:

Bungalows and Bears

This place has a quite the studenty vibe, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s a big venue and yet still has a cosy feel to it. I think that’s down to the big squidgy chairs and low lighting.



We got there early but spent a long time trying to decide what to have. I enjoyed people watching and quickly noticed the big groups of friends bumbling into the bar, they were clearly regulars. They’d slump into the big chairs and within seconds they had their heads in the menu trying to decide which burger to pick. It was then that I knew the burgers would be good.

We went on a Tuesday for the 2 for 1 deal (freelance means I continually need to focus on saving), it wasn’t too crowded but there was still a good atmosphere. I can image it gets very busy at the weekends.

The menu was filled with a wide variety of burgers including a few vegetarian options. I would say the prices were pretty standard for gourmet burgers, I usually expect to pay between £8 – £10 for a good burger. They’re all served with a large portion of doubled cooked chips.

We went a bit over the top and ordered a side of onion rings. It was totally unnecessary and although they were delicious I probably wouldn’t order them along with a burger and chips again.

Sumo San

Next is Sumo San which is located close to the train station. We (P & friends) arrived at Sumo San early, we pretty much had the place to ourselves. I love sushi but tend to let others do the ordering because I’m terrible at making decisions (I’m working on improving that).

It had actually been a good few months since I last had sushi so this made a nice change.


We made our way through a good selection of the menu. There were tempura vegetables, little deep friend pumpkin parcels (korokke), pizza on a stick (okonomiyaki) and lots and lots of sushi. They tend to cost between £3 – £5 and the big fancy works of art like the Caterpillar Roll Makimono, Dancing Spider and Volcano Maki are around £9 – £10. We washed it all down with warm saki (aka rice wine).

The staff were really friendly and I’m looking forward to going back plan to try the green tea ice cream.


Last up is a curry place I’ve been to twice. On both occasions the staff were friendly, helpful and keen to ensure you enjoyed your meal. This is a family run restaurant group which was started in 1977 but has since expanded and serves authentic Asian food. I love a good success story and when you taste the food at Aagrah you can see why they’ve done so well.

The atmosphere is relaxed and the low lighting with a blue tint from your table gives it a cosy feel.



You wont get your regular madras here. Oh no, here it’s full of flavour, spice and has quite a unique taste. I really must pick up a copy of their recipe book next time I’m there.

I don’t normally go for peshwari nann (but if it’s there I sure as hell eat it), but if we’re both ordering really super hot curries then sometimes it’s needed. The Aagrah peshwari naan is real fancy. It’s covered in pistachios, pineapple and coconut. It’s sweet, but if you have a really hot curry then I say you try this alongside it. Just once, it’s a bit naughty to have every time you go.

Have you been to any good food joints in Sheffield?