Norwich: Cupcake & Co do the best lemon brownies

Cupcake & Co

Cupcake & Co lemon brownie

On the last Thursday of every month there is a little street food festival here in Norwich. It’s a day where local street food traders get together outside The Forum and share their delicious food and drink. You can find out more about it in my previous post.

I’ve made it to Feast on the Street for the last 4 months and each time I try something new. However, there is one thing that I always walk away with which stays the same and that’s a box of lemon brownies. They are out of this world. They melt in your mouth and are dangerously moreish. 

The friendly folk who make the lemon brownies are Cupcake & Co. They also come to Feast on the Street armed with carrot cake cupcakes, avocado cupcakes, coconut brownies, mint brownies and  so much more. I’m awful at making decisions so I always pick a few lemon brownies and then go for one or two cakes that I’ve not tried before. Luckily, there’s usually been friends at my place the next day so the cakes have been shared and well loved. Otherwise I’m pretty sure I could eat the whole sodding box of them.

Cupcake & Co will soon have a place on the market but I’m yet to find out where they will be. I’ll be sure to update this post once I know.

Feast on the Street will be my splurge day this month. I’m on a health kick at the moment and after a few weeks of blending fruit and veg and working out at the gym I think a day at Feast on the Street will be very much in need.

Do you have something similar in your area?