Beauty: Pulpe De Vie Organic Face Mask



Pulpe De Vie kindly sent over a few of their Securé Frappé face masks for me to try out. Over the last 4 weeks I’ve been using one face mask each week and I’m really enjoying this new routine. I generally use face masks on and off but have never consistently stuck to a routine for longer than a month or so. Hopefully this time will be different because I’m noticing a huge difference in my skin. It’s been looking much clearer and I don’t seem to be getting as many (stress) spots. I think this is all to do with a weekly face masks, increasing my water intake, cutting down on foundation and also the new cleansers I’ve been using.

The mask is very easy to use. Simply apply it all over your face, leave for five minutes and then massage softly into your skin. You then remove the mask with warm water.

As you apply this delicious mask to your skin it has a lovely sweet and fruity smell of apricots. The mask helps to remove blackheads, tighten up your pores and hydrates your skin. The morning after I’ve used this my skin feels fresh and fully cleaned for the week ahead (I tend to use masks on a Sunday).

I have fairly sensitive skin and haven’t had any reactions to this product. I’m keen to purchase a full size tube of this mask but I think I’m going to try out the body cream first.

What are your thoughts on face masks? Do you use them on a weekly basis or when your skin needs some extra love?