London: Cheeky Parlour

Cheeky hair londonNot the best photo but it’s going to have to do!

The other week in London A and I visited The Cheeky Parlour in Shoreditch. They offer hair, nail and make-up services all at affordable prices (Nails – £8/Hair – £15). You can also have a coffee and cake while someone works their magic on your hair. Make sure you take a look at the website to see how pretty the parlour is.

The girl who did my hair was friendly and knew exactly what I wanted to do with my hair. She spent just over 30 minutes washing and blow drying it into soft beautiful curls with a bounce. I was delighted with the results. We headed off for dinner after the appointment and then to Wireless festival the next day and it held out pretty well. With a blow dry costing just £15 (very good for a London salon) I think that a trip to the Cheeky Parlour would be perfect to do before a night out in London or a trip to the theatre.

The only downside to the visit was that the reception staff didn’t seem very friendly on our arrival. We were a little late for our appointment due to tubes and finding the location but nothing to cause a big problem. The reception is directly opposite the entrance and with 3 members of staff sitting there it’s a little intense when you arrive. I believe that good customer service is very important, even after a long day. Anyway, aside from that I was very pleased with my hair and I’m pretty sure I’ll be back there again.

Check out the full list of treatments and let me know what you would go for.