Beauty: Dry2Alive – Face & Body cream


The other week I shared some of my favourite products to travel with. Today I’m going to go into more detail about the Dry2Alive Face and Body cream* because it’s been my favourite product for a few weeks.

Although I’m usually good at applying face and body creams I can sometimes become a little lazy, especially when I travel. Now, I’ve not been anywhere new, not even abroad. But I have been staying in a few hotels for work, a festival and also visiting my parents. This month I’ve carried the products I mentioned in my last post and the Dry2Alive cream has been very useful.

I love the ease of applying it to my face, neck, arms and then the rest of my body. I’ve also used this as a hand cream a few times because it fits into my handbag.

This cream is particularly good for dry skin and I’ve found it to be very hydrating. I was pleased to find that it absorbs into my skin quickly which makes it ideal to use both in the morning and evening.

The cream contains marshmallow oil which is said to reduce itching. I’ve actually been able to test this out recently because my hands and arms have become very sore and itchy (I think it’s a mix of eczema and an allergic reaction to dairy…again). The cream honestly helped to cool and sooth my skin and the itching faded pretty quickly. I could have done with this cream over the years because I often suffer with itchy skin and sometimes really damage it.

The product has a very light and fresh scent. I’ll be the first to admit that the packaging of this cream isn’t very fancy but seen as it does a good job I think I can let that go.

The 50ml tube I have is £10.40. If you have dry and itchy skin then you should give this a go.

I’m using the cream regularly at the moment but I know I’ll be repurchasing it for the colder months.

What’s your favourite body cream at the moment?