Summer candle: Juicy Watermelon

watermelon candle

The¬†Juicy Watermelon Yankee Candle* arrived last week. Isn’t the packaging beautiful? Just look at that freshly sliced watermelon sitting on a bed of ice, it’s making my mouth water!

I decided to burn the candle while we were sitting out in the sunshine for lunch.¬†Juicy Watermelon really really smells of freshly cut watermelon. At first the scent is delicate and sweet but after an hour it becomes much stronger. I suggest putting the candle out after 30/60 minutes so you can enjoy a light scent of fresh watermelon floating around the room. I wouldn’t leave it burning for longer because it becomes too sweet.

This candle has quickly become my favourite for the summer months. I’ve really enjoyed burning it out in the garden when we’ve had friends over and also in the lounge or kitchen first thing in the morning. The scent lasts throughout the day and makes the whole house smell like summer.

I should also point out that this is one of the first sweet/fruity candles that I’ve liked. I normally go for spicy scents during the winter and floral for summer. It seems that Juicy Watermelon has taken first place as my favourite summer candle…for now.

I have a few more candles to tell you about later in the week.

Do you enjoy burning candles during the summer months?