Outfit of the day and a lifestyle change

It’s been ages since I shared an outfit with you. At first I was just out of the habit and had very little time due to work. Then I put on weight and didn’t feel comfortable taking photos to put on the blog. I’m generally not a fan of being in front of the camera, I much prefer being behind the lens. However, I love documenting my outfits. It’s nice to look back on them over the years and good for when you need some inspiration. So, now that I’ve made some big changes in my lifestyle and work hours I think it’s time to start sharing my outfits again.

Alongside outfit posts I’d also like to talk more about my lifestyle changes and keep the blog documented on my health and fitness progress.


So, here are a few changes I’ve made over the last month:

– I’ve gone from drinking one small glass of water a day to 2 litres.

– I’ve been avoiding takeaways. I probably had two a month as well as eating out at restaurants.

– I’ve stopped having Marmite on toast for breakfast. I now have Grape Nuts, fresh fruit or a veg and fruit smoothie.

– I’ve cut out processed foods. We now make everything from scratch at home and this includes jar sauces. I didn’t have a lot of processed food before but I’ve eliminated anything that was.

– In terms of sugar I’m avoiding chocolate bars and candy. If I have chocolate it will be a square of the good stuff but only on special occasions. I find that the more I eat it the more I crave it.

– I go to the gym between 3 and 5 times a week. This includes a combination of Combat, Spin, Pilates and Pump. I’d also like to get a swimming session in each week.

– I’m massively allergic to dairy. It causes my skin to flare up and become very itchy. Although I’m good at avoiding dairy most of the time I sometimes slip (pizza and ice cream). So I’ve decided to save those two things for holidays. My skin really is much better when I don’t eat dairy.

– I don’t buy normal bread any more. I now go for rye bread every now and then. It’s delicious with peanut butter or eggs and avocado.

– I’ve cut down on wearing foundation. This has really helped the condition of my skin along with my water intake. I have two brands of foundation which work well with my skin, I use these when I go to meetings or out with friends.

I can’t think of any other significant changes I’ve made, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated. I’m also reading a lot about health and fitness and will share any interesting bits I find over on Twitter.

Now, if I happen to go out for dinner or have a takeaway with friends once in the month then I wont be worrying about it. You can’t avoid social situations all the time but it’s good to just keep everything in balance. However, since I’ve cut out processed foods I’ve found that I don’t enjoy having my old favourite curry from the takeaway as much (I still love chips though..). It looks like things are changing in a positive way.


Dress – Topshop | Cardigan – Dorothy Perkins | Shoes – Clarks similar style  (my review) | Bag – Red Valentino

My aim is to feel comfortable and happy with how I look.

A few things I hope to achieve:

– Quit my dependency on black tights
– Quit my obsession with cardigans
– Be able to do 10 press-ups – at the moment I can only just do 1 real one.


Lemon coin purse – Kate Spade | Phone case* – Ted Baker

I hope some of you will find this post interesting and maybe even come back again to keep up with my latest outfits and fashion finds. I would like to continue updating the blog with my lifestyle change and health, if this is something you would be interested in then do let me know.