Halloween – Witches Brew Candle

Halloween Yankee Candle

Halloween black wax Yankee Candle

Pumpkin Spice lattes have arrived in Starbucks, I’m taking that as a sign that I can talk about Halloween.

I was lucky to receive Witches Brew from Yankee Candle* at the start of the month. I’m a very big fan of Halloween and I look forward to it rolling ’round each year. Yankee Candle always put out a good Halloween collection and this year is not different. The black wax looks dramatic against the flame. I really like the packaging of this candle, the artwork on the jar is delightful and can be reused once the candle is finished. Maybe I’ll fill it with sweets for for my Halloween party (I’ve been burning this constantly).

Yankee Candle - Halloween

So, we’ve established that I really like the packaging of this candle but what about the scent? Well, this is the type of scent that is ideal all through the colder months and it’s best burnt in the evening. I detected strong notes of patchouli which is a very earthy scent but there were also notes of cinnamon spice. Unlike a lot of the themed Yankee Candles Witches Brew has a very subtle scent – you can leave it burning throughout the evening and it doesn’t become overwhelming. If you prefer your candles to be powerful then I suggest a sweet smelling candle such as Candy Corn.

Have you tried any of the Halloween themed candles from Yankee? I’m thinking of getting Ghostly Treats once payday rolls ’round because the jar is another beauty and I like the idea of trying out a marshmallow scented candle.

Keep an eye out for my Halloween themed posts coming up throughout October.