Street art in New York

NY Art

NYC street art

Street art in NY

New York Street art

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view from high line 2


Today I decided I’d share a few photos from my NYC trip back in 2012. The photos I want to focus on are of street art in New York. On the days where my friends were working or in university I would visit as many museums as I could and I made sure that I walked to each one so that I could really take in the city.

I found the people of New York to be very friendly, positive and helpful. I really enjoyed exploring the city by foot, it gave me the chance to stumble upon interesting shops, buy hipster ice pops and talk to lots of people. It also gave me the chance to stop and taking photos as and when I pleased. I’m always drawn to street art and there was lots of it about the city. I don’t know much about the stories being the art and stickers I snapped but if I come across any information then I’ll be sure to add it into this post.

The other day I shared a few from Brooklyn, so feel free to take a look at those.

Have you spotted any interesting street art in your town?