Welcome to Autumn



Yesterday was delightfully warm and I’m pleased I made the most of it because today was clearly the arrival of autumn or possibly winter.

From the moment I woke at 4am (I know, very annoying but I couldn’t sleep) to the second I set foot in Cambridge (2pm) it rained and rained. I managed to get cold and wet at the tram stop which meant that by the time I finally reached my parents place I jumped straight into the shower. It’s such a good feeling to have a warm shower after being caught in the rain and spending a few damp hours on a train. I’m very thankful that I can do that.

Before I left the house I cracked out my boxes of hats. I managed to keep the top of my hair and face dry and hopefully it will do the trick for the few activities I have planned this week. There are some fantastic hats in Topshop, Rag and Bone and French Connection. I’ve linked to a few of my favourites, let me know which you like best.

The hat in the photo is over a year old and from Topshop. I’m sure you can find similar ones online. I will be sure to share some of my hats with you this week. Are you a hat person?

I’m actually quite pleased that autumn is ready to show itself. October is a month I always enjoy. I plan on making my first batch of mulled wine this week, baking a good old pumpkin pie next week and I will of course be enjoying Halloween with a pumpkin carving party. I also have a few exciting events to attend this month because of this little blog – I can’t wait to share lots of photos with you. Oh, I should also be launching Indiecana towards the end of the month, if everything goes to plan.

What do you have planned during October?