Smallbiz: Two Magpies Bakery – Southwold



I hope you’re all having a relaxing Friday evening, are you doing anything for Halloween? Tonight I’m here to share another post about Southwold with you, can you tell how much I miss being there?

Just after I had moved from Suffolk to Norfolk my dear old Southwold was blessed with a new bakery/patisserie, Two Magpies Bakery. I followed their journey on Twitter and Instagram and when I finally made it back to Southwold (after I had moved to Sheffield) I couldn’t wait to sample their delicious creations.

I’d had a pretty busy day with fish and chips by the harbour, a long walk on the beach and even had my nails done. It was nearing time to leave so I headed back into the town to grab a coffee and few treats to take home for the family. It turns out that my grandma was a regular at Two Magpies Bakery. She was visiting Southwold for the week and raved about the coffee and the crunchy cookies as we walked to the shop. If my grandma says the coffee is good then I always trust her.

You will find Two Magpies Bakery situated on the High Street right next to Daddy Longlegs and just before The Crown. You won’t miss it, the window is filled with fancy cakes, the meringue are stacked high and freshly baked bread is proudly on display. People stop at marvel at the beautiful creations before being tempted into the shop by lavender infused shortbread. There’s plenty of room to sit and enjoy breakfast, lunch or just and coffee and chat with your friends.

Just look at that rose and pistachio meringue, isn’t it a beauty? I was about to order a coffee when I made a last minute decision to try a dark chocolate mocha. It turned out to be the best decision of the week. I dived into the car and as we left Southwold I took my first sip of the mocha…wow! It was velvety and smooth with a good kick of coffee, I’ll definitely be going back again.

If you live in or near Southwold (you lucky sod) then you must make the most of the freshly baked bread and on a daily basis they have a new ‘special.’ I like the sound of Wednesday’s Pumpkin and Poppyseed bread.

Let me know if you visit Two Magpies Bakery.