Food review: Lloyd Grossman Mint Masala

Last weekend I decided to make a curry at home instead of a naughty takeaway. I used to make curry all the time but got out of the habit when I moved from Norwich to Sheffield. I wanted to keep things quick and simple and luckily Loyd Grossman had armed me with a couple of new sauces (thanks guys) earlier in the week.

Some of you might say that I’m cheating by using a jar, but after a busy week of work all I want to do is settle down to watch some South Park and enjoy delicious and easy food (before picking up my laptop again). I spend most evenings of the week cooking so it’s nice to kick the weekend off with an easy dish.

This is what I used to make my Friday night curry:
-1 green chilli
-Loyd Grossman Mint Masala sauce

Remember, you can use whatever you want in terms of veg and meat. There are no rules!

Get your rice ready.


Wash the veg you’ve picked to use.


Chop up your onion and vegetables.


Fry the onions – I’ve heard it’s best not to use olive oil when you’re making curry, I didn’t have an alternative this time.


Fry up the onions and then dice the chicken and add it into the pan.


I fried my vegetables in a separate pan because mine was quite small.


Get your sauce ready to add into your pan.


Finally add your in your veg and mix together.


The curry didn’t feel greasy or heavy and we both really enjoyed it. The mint and coriander in the sauce gives it a fresh flavour which I’ve not experienced from other sauces. If like me, you like a spicy curry then it’s important to add a chilli to give it an extra kick of spice.

I’ve already picked up another jar of this sauce to keep for a rainy day.

Edit: I’m hosting a giveaway over on Twitter to win two Loyd Grossman Mint Masala curry packs 

Terms and Conditions 

– Giveaway launches 28th November 
– Giveaway ends 1st Decemeber 9pm
– Entrants must be UK only
– Over 18+ to enter 
– A new winner will be selected if there is no response within a week
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