A Make-Under with bareMinerals

Last week I took the tram to Meadow Hall, a fairly large shopping centre here in Sheffield. I was heading there for a Make Under with bareMinerals, a brand which is new to me. Well, it’s obviously not new, I’ve heard about it ever since I was living in Manchester but never got ’round to trying out their products. After hearing me talk about this on Twitter they invited me for a Make Under, I could hardly say no!

Within this post I’m going to mention some of the products I particularly liked but there wont be any full reviews.


I arrived early and took a few snaps around the make-up counter. They have a cute set-up inside Debenhams with a wide range of make-up and skincare. Am I the only person who didn’t know they did skincare products? Probably.


I noticed that there were lots of lovely starter kits and gift sets available. I personally fell in love with these classic make-up brushes, good for Christmas but even better as a naughty treat to yourself.


After snapping away I finally sat down and after hearing a little bit about the history of bareMinerals it was time to crack on with trying out the products. The lovely lady removed my make-up with their facial cleanser. I love cleansers that remove make-up, it makes your evening routine just that bit quicker. I wasn’t wearing much make-up but after my skin felt soft and refreshed.


Next up was the Active Cell Renewal Night Serum, I really liked this stuff. I often use a serum or oil both at night and in the morning, especially during the winter months because my skin is very dry. To finish off I applied a little eye-cream and moisturiser to my face. Both of these glided onto my skin with ease and felt light and refreshing. I think in terms of the moisturiser I would need something a little thicker during the winter months.


After the skincare came the make-up, who would have guessed? It all started with a primer, something I go in and out of phases with. I’ve not been using one recently but after trying the Prime Time BB (a tinted primer) I’m keen to get back into them. What I liked about this one was that it helped to give me an even skin tone and it’s also good for dealing with dry flaky skin.


I then had the chance to try the new bareSkin foundation. This is a mineral foundation and serum in one. The consistency of the product is very light and it’s easy to build up, so you can keep it light during the day and go for more coverage at night.

I often worry about the dark circles under my eyes, so I was told that the Stroke of Light would help. As you can probably guess, this is a product used to diffuse dark circles and brighten the area around your eyes.

Last was mascara. They have a good selection of mascaras, the one I tried was Lash Domination, a volumising mascara. This is one of those 10 in 1 mascaras that does all the things! I’ve only used it the once so I can’t give you a full review or verdict on it.



As always, not the best of photos, but it will have to do. I really enjoyed my Make Under and was pleased not to have any bad reactions to the products. I almost felt like I wasn’t wearing make-up, this foundation has potential to be a firm favourite over the next few months.

I’ve very kindly sent some of the Bare Minerals products to test out. I’m looking forward to seeing what I think and getting back to you with a full review of everything soon!

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 16.11.20

If you happen to pass by a Bare Minerals counter then it’s well worth asking about their latest products. In my experience the staff were very friendly and helpful, even though they were real busy. FYI I wasn’t asked to write this blog post, I just really enjoyed myself and thought some of you would like to hear about my first time with bareMinerals.

Do you have a favourite product from the brand?