New York: Mast Brothers chocolate

Tonight I want to share a selection of photos from the Mast Brothers factory in Brooklyn. I’m fully aware that this is something I should have done back in 2012, just when I’d returned from my holiday in New York. Sadly, I never got ’round to it. I was busy with a new job and unhappy with my photos. Thankfully I’ve got to the stage where I’ve realised that sometimes you can’t control the lighting and that’s not a bad thing. I believe it’s better to share some interesting photos than wait for another trip to New York, right?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos and you can find out more about Mast Brothers in this video┬áif you’re interested.

Mast Brothers Chocolate Brooklyn

Michael and Rick Mast are the brothers behind the magical dark chocolate.

Mast Brothers Brooklyn

The front of the store is filled with beautifully wrapped chocolate, their own cookbook and t-shirts (I now have both t-shirt designs).

Inside the Mast Brothers shop/factory

There is also a bar filled with freshly baked brownies and cookies.

Mast Brothers choc chips

The chocolate has been made in Brooklyn since 2007.

Mast Brothers Beans

Mast Brothers chocolate is made with cacao pods (from South America) and cane sugar.


They grind the nibs and cane sugar for two days.



They leave the chocolate to age for 30 days.


Each bar is hand-wrapped with their beautifully designed paper – they originally wrapped them in butcher paper.


The paper is now designed by the Mast Brothers team.

Mast Brother chocolate packaged

It’s really hard to get hold of Mast Brothers here in the UK. I managed it back in 2012 but since then I’ve not found it. I’ve heard (read around the internet) that they’re looking to open a factory in London.

I’ll be sharing my review of their chocolate later in the week. Have you ever tried it?