House & Home: Ikea Winter Picks

Ikea Winter pick 2014

Besoka – tray  |   Kastrull – saucepan  |  Vintermys – birdhouse decoration

Fullfolja – scissors  |  Arkelstorp – coffee table  |  Fnitter – wall clock

My Ikea Spring and Summer picks went down pretty well so I thought I’d share some of my favourite winter and festive items that they’ve currently got in stock. Hopefully this post will give you some home decor inspiration or even ideas for Christmas gifts. My personal favourites are the festive tray, birdhouse decorations and the coffee table but I really do like everything that I’ve shared with you today. I’m trying to avoid buying larger pieces of furniture ’til I’ve found a flat/house which I know I’ll stay in for a while.

Which is your favourite item?