Tea Review: Holiday Cheer from Adagio

A while back I reviewed a selection of teas from Adagio. This time I’m here to talk about a fantastic little set of festive teas (£10) they kindly sent over to me. The tins are packaged beautifully and you can pick to have loose tea or bags inside them, I went for loose tea. All the teas are perfect for the cold winter months so they would make for a good Christmas gift or if you have a few stockings to fill then split the tins up.

Under each photo I’ve shared my thoughts about each tea and how to enjoy them.

Adagio Holiday Cheer

Adagio Gingerbread tea

The first tea I tried from the set was Gingerbread. It’s a dark and spicy tea with notes of cinnamon and orange. I found that it tastes best with a dash of warmed milk. You have to be careful not to over brew the tea, try 3 minutes.

This wasn’t one of my favourite teas from the set, I thought it could have done with more spices but I till enjoyed it. Phil really liked this tea and added warm milk and honey to it.

Adagio Candy cane tea

The second tea from the set was Candy Cane and includes real cane pieces. This was the one I was most intrigued by, I adore peppermint all year ’round but especially during the festive season. The tea gives off a sweet scent and has a very smooth taste with a good old kick of peppermint. This tea should be brewed for around 3-4 minutes.

This tea turned out to be one of my favourites.

Adagio Chestnut

Here we have the Chestnut tea. The other day I came home from the gym, jumped in the shower and settled down with my notebook and a cup of Chestnut tea. This tea wasn’t like any I’d tried before and one cup quickly turned into 3. I love hot chestnuts (with a glass of red on the side) and this tea tastes very much like them. The scent of it is a mix of nut and chocolate. It’s warming, silky, nutty and has a very sweet kick to it.

Don’t brew this tea for too long, it can become a little smokey. I found 2-3 minutes worked best.

Adagio Cranberry tea

The Cranberry tea was next on my list. It’s was sweet and fruity, not at all tangy which I was originally expecting. I found that there were strong notes of raspberry, maybe more so than cranberry. Both Phil and I enjoyed drinking the tea black and have nearly finished up the whole tin.

I suggest you brew this tea for 3-4 minutes to get the full flavours.

Adagio Pumpkin tea

The Pumpkin Spice tea was the one I was most excited to try and it didn’t disappoint. As you pop the lid off you’re hit with a strong spicy scent. There is a light taste of pumpkin among other spices such as cardamom (my favourite), cloves and ginger. Leave the tea to brew for around 4-5 minutes.

This was another personal favourite from the set.

Adagio Candy apple

The Candy Apple tea has a strong scent of sweet apple. However once brewed it isn’t overly sweet which I was pleased about. I’ve been drinking it as I type up this post and I’m feeling very warm and cosy. The tea has a warm and spicy taste, almost like mulled cider.

I recommend brewing this tea for around 4 minutes.

Adagio Teas

 How do the teas sound to you? Would you like to find this set under the tree?