Beauty: Vichy Idealia Serum and Eye Cream Review

Today I’m here to share two products from Vichy that I’ve been enjoying over the last 3 months. I’m sure I’ll be repurchasing these again during 2015 and would love to know your thoughts if you’ve tried them. Oh, and isn’t the packaging lovely?

Firstly I’ve been using the Vichy Idealia Life SerumI believe it was around this time last year that I was first sent a bottle of this magical serum (you can see my 2013 thoughts here). I’ve since repurchased this serum 3 times which shows just how much I enjoy using it.


Vichy really have branded the serum as quite the miracle worker. It’s said to tackle fatigue and stressed out skin. As we’re coming towards the end of the year I’ve been suffering from a lack of sleep and a lot of computer time, the latter is pretty strong throughout the year. I use this serum once a day in the morning before applying my Avene moisturiser. The consistency of the product is very light, it’s not at all greasy which I like.

I find that this serum has helped to keep my skin extra moisturised during these colder months and it honestly does feel a lot smoother. The only time I’ve had problems with my skin is when I’ve eaten dairy/wheat so I haven’t had any reactions to the product. The product has a subtle floral scent but nothing too overpowering. A tiny amount of the serum goes a very long way so I’ve found that the 30ml bottle lasts around 4 months if it’s being used daily.

I’ve found that the serum woks as a good base for foundation or it can simply be used alone for make-up free days. I simply apply it to my fingers and then onto my face in circular movements. I personally prefer using a good quality serum over a primer, because they tend to work better with my sensitive and dry skin.

£29.50 for 30ml in Boots and it’s on a 3 for 2 skincare offer at the moment.


Next up is the Idealia Eyes eye cream*. I love using an eye cream and have been alternating throughout different ones this year. A few months back the lovely team at Vichy sent a tube of their new Idealia Eyes for me to test out. As I mentioned above, I’ve been suffering from poor sleep, too much laptop time and tired eyes for a good few months now so this was welcomed.

I used the eye cream all through October and November and noticed a real difference in how soft my skin felt. What makes me realise it more is that I left the tube at my parents place and only got it back three weeks ago. During that time I noticed that the skin around my eyes felt sore and puffy when I wasn’t using the cream. I’ve had it back for a few weeks now and my skin is feeling much smoother. I’m tempted to say that once it’s applied I don’t find that I need to use as much concealer on the dark circles under my eyes. The light reflecting particles clearly do a good job.


The silicone applicator is pretty good, at first I insisted on using the tip of my finger to apply the cream but I came ’round to the applicator after a week or so. It forces you to touch your skin very lightly and yet still allows you to massage the product into your skin after the application. It also dispenses the cream evenly, it can sometimes be easy to apply too much eye cream.

I think in general it’s good to use an eye cream and to ensure you massage it in around your eyes very carefully. It’s jut about finding the best one to suit your skin. I’ve been pleased with this one from Vichy and I’m pretty sure I’ll be repurchasing it during 2015 – I’m hoping this 15ml tube will last for a good few months though.

£23 for 15ml in Boots and it’s part of a 3 for 2 offer right now.

Do you use a serum and eye cream within your skin care routine?