3 Inspiring TED Talks by women

Tonight I’ve decided that it’s about time I shared a few of my favourite TED Talks with you. This is something I often do via my Twitter page, but our timelines move so fast that it’s easy to miss an update and very hard to look back on the things you’ve shared.  So, today I decided to share 3 TED Talks by women that have inspired me. I hope they’re new to some of you at that you all enjoy them.

Both extroverts and introverts can benefit from this fantastic talk by Susan Cain. She talks about the power of introverts within business and society.

Amy Cuddy talks about positive body language and how it shapes and changes who we are.

Kare Anderson talks about making connections, building relationships and seeking opportunities through this. Forget the differences, embrace them and connect with people around a shared interest.

I would love for you to share one of your favourite TED Talks in the comment section.