It’s time for the Fedora


Jigsaw – Bridget Hat  | Whistles – Felt Fedora  |Rag & Bone – Wool Fedora with Leather Trim

Well, we’ve hit Sunday, didn’t the week go quickly? I’m sitting here in Cambridge after a long day in at Top Drawer in London. I was there for my new shop, Indiecana but I’ll be telling you more about all that later.

On Saturday I was having a coffee in the centre of Cambridge with my mum and before walking home we fell into a few shops. I really enjoy walking around the shops in Cambridge, Sheffield doesn’t have much to offer in that respect. I spotted lots of beautiful things in Jigsaw and Whistles (they both still have a very good sale on) but it was the hats that really stood out to me. They’ve been everywhere over winter, Topshop had some real treats but Whistles and Jigsaw won the show with the beauties above.

It’s been a long time since I spoke about hats. Living in windy old Sheffield and I’m always worried about losing a hat (again). I’ve been wearing lots of wooly hats for the last few months but I’ve decided it’s time to go through my box of fedoras and floppy hats. I want to look a little smarter, even if I’m just walking up to the gym. I’ve always thought that a simple fedora adds structure and style to a plain outfit.

If I get back into wearing hats then maybe, just maybe, I can treat myself to a new one soon.

Are you a fan of the fedora hat?