Making popcorn with ZaraMamas


A while back I picked up a few bags of ZaraMama gourmet popping corn. The brand stood out to me because of the packaging and the selection of different corn they had available.

ZaraMama are based in North London, they’re a small company which was founded back in 2007. Their product is very simple. It’s corn, pure, simple corn, nothing extra is added and it’s 100% GMO free.

There are 12 varieties of corn to pick from and they all have their own unique texture and taste. The bag I have here is Pink Blossom which was very light and fluffy once popped and tasted good without any toppings. However, I had to try a few different toppings, for blog purposes, of course. I have another bag of corn to try from this brand and I’m keen to try some of the other varieties soon.




How to make popcorn in a pan:

– Heat 2/3 tablespoons of oil into your pan on a medium heat
– Drop a few pieces of corn into the pan and wait ’til they pop.
– Remove the popped corn.
– Once you’re sure the oil is hot enough you can cover the bottom of your pan with corn – Don’t forget to put the lid on!
– Shake the pan every now and then to ensure that all the corn gets a chance to pop.
– Once the popping slows down take it off the heat and remove the lid.
– Pick your topping and add it into your popcorn.

Popcorn can be a healthy snack, but it all depends what you decide to top it with. I like adding a little spice to my popcorn, cinnamon is also good and, of course the not so healthy salt. Phil is a big fan of maple syrup or honey on his popcorn. I’ve heard that adding salt into your oil is a good way of flavouring your popcorn, you could also add some butter then the salt or keep it simple and a littleĀ healthier and justĀ sprinkle a little on top after.


My sister keeps telling me to try the pop-a-cob next, she says they’re fun and very easy to use.

You can shop the range online but I got mine in Whole Foods.