3 Cute Designer iPhone cases in the sale



Lanvin Faces  | Kate Spade Glitter Cat | Radley A Little Bird Told Me

I hope you’re all having a good weekend. I’m back in Sheffield and have spent half the day working on a blog based project and then far too many hours on Sonic & Saga All Stars Racing Transformed. As it got later into the evening I decided to relax a little and browse the sales. I’ve actually picked up a couple of much needed bits this year (a delicious jumper from Whistles and some tights). In a recent post I shared my sales tips with you, so with these in mind and a cuppa tea I started to browse for a winter coat and hat.

It wasn’t long before I became sidetracked by phone cases, oops! The first one that caught my eye was the kitty Kate Spade iPhone 5s case. It’s a cheerful little thing and with 20% off it’s most tempting. I decided to see what other iPhone cases were on offer around the internet and of course, it would have been rude not to share them with you. The Lanvin one is 50% off so it’s well worth checking out if you’re still using the iPhone 4.

I think that a new phone case can be refreshing and of course, we all need to protect our phones. It’s actually been quite a while since I did a round-up of iPhone cases. The new year seems like the perfect excuse to treat yourself and I hope you enjoy my picks. I personally like all three of the cases I’ve shared with you but the one I’m most tempted to go for is the bright orange one from Radley. Call me crazy, but I really like pigeons.

Which case would you pick?