Life Tips: Shopping in the sales

I’m still in Christmas mode and will be for a few more days as this is my first real break of 2014. During my time off I enjoying getting out and about for long walks and as I’m in Cambridge for Christmas I’m sure I’ll end up in the town over the next few days. It’s really nice to walk around the town here. It has a good atmosphere, looks very pretty and within 10 minutes you can be back in the middle of a park.

I’m not a big fan of shopping in the sales, unless there is something I’m particularly after. This year I have my eye on a pair of Fat Face PJs (the ones with cute snowmen on) that I spotted a few weeks ago and would love to grab them at half price. Fat Face always have a good sale as do Boden, The White Company, Whistles and John Lewis. I don’t have the patience for the Topshop sales, they end up looking like a jumble sale but obviously it’s not as bad online.

After thinking about all this I thought I’d share some tips to keep in mind before hitting the sales:

– Always ask yourself if you’d pay full price for the item in your hand. If not, put it down!

– Make a list of things you *need* and avoid browsing for the sake of it. Especially online, it’s much easier to pick up extra bits when you’re on your tablet or laptop.

– Avoid the crowds by shopping online but keep the above point at the front of your mind.

– Is 10% off really worth it? Make sure you’re getting a good deal and not just the bits and bobs that have been display products all year long. You often find that a pair of leather shoes can be different colours if one of them has been a display shoe. 

Leeds 1

This was a bit of a killjoy post, but you know what? Someone’s got to do it. We all love to catch a good bargain but at the same time filling your home with useless crap is pointless. So, when you’re shopping in the sales, be wise!

I often try to have a clear out before Christmas in preparation for the new year. In terms of the sales I usually keep an eye out for reduced pjs, hats, home-ware or electronics, it really depends if I need anything. I keep a few things in mind that I’ve seen during the year and if I happen to pop into a few shops and see them on offer then I’ll go for it. Oh, I also like picking up fancy wrapping paper and cards in the sale then storing them away for the year ahead. I’m not desperate to bag a bunch of new stuff for the sake of it.

Have you picked up any good bargains in the sales?