6 Useful Business Podcasts


Every night I listen to a couple of podcasts before I go to sleep. I’ve done this for years and I’m pretty sure it stems from listening to Roald Dahl story tapes every single night¬†when I was little. Today’s post is going to focus on a selection of quality episodes from some of my favourite business based podcasts. The episodes I’ve selected will be useful for bloggers,¬†entrepreneurs and any business savvy person.

Put the kettle on, crack on with work and listen to one of these useful, inspiring and educating podcasts:

Dale Partridge: How to build a cult-like following with Johnny Cupcakes

Smart Passive Income: Turning a so-so blog into a profitable brand

The $100 MBA Show: How to bounce back from failure

Duct Tape Marketing: Why your goal setting attempts fail

Six Pixels of Separation: Brand evangelism with Saul Colt

Dale Partridge: How to build a lifestyle business with Lewis Howes

What are some of your favourite business podcasts?