Getbuzzing – Banana Bars – Review

Earlier this week I was looking for a little snack after my gym session. I hadn’t eaten enough in the morning and needed something to fuel my walk home. Amongst all the cereal bars I spotted these Getbuzzing nut free banana barss. It was the packaging that really stood out to me and after reading a little more I decided that these would do the trick.

The bars are 100% natural banana and apricot flapjacks. There are no additives, colourings or preservatives and those of you allergic to nuts will be pleased to know they’re totally nut free. I’ve really enjoyed keeping these flapjacks in my bag, they’re delicious and good to keep to hand for when you suddenly get hungry. I even had one in replacement for breakfast when I was running very late before the gym. I was surprised to find that it filled me right up and gave me the energy I needed for my run.

I found this box in Waitrose but you can also buy them online where they have a bigger selection. I really want to try the Date and Seed bars next.

I hope you enjoyed this quick review. Let me know if you’ve tried the Getbuzzing bars.