Big windows and snow

The snow trying to get into my bedroom


I’m delighted that we’ve finally had some snow in Sheffield, it makes everything much more beautiful. I know that many people don’t welcome the snow like I do, but ever since I was little I’ve loved it. As soon as the snow starts to settle I pull on my boots and a big warm coat to go out for a walk. Actually, I did it just the other day. When Gadgetoid and I realised it was snowing we went out into the grounds of our apartment. Everything was still, the air was crisp and apart from the crunching of our rain boots through the snow it was beautifully silent. I left the blinds open all night so that I’d be able to wake up early and look out at the snow. Waking up to a fresh layer of snow is one of my favourite things, this time ’round it reminded me of when there was lots of snow in 2010 (which is where these photos are from).

From my window
Sneaky peak

Back in 2010 I was living in my hometown and we had the most amazing snowfall. It lasted a week and I took some of my favourite photos during this time, some of the best were straight from my Velux skylight. I don’t miss much about my hometown, but I do miss the snow of 2010 and the big windows I had in my bedroom. I clearly remember pulling up the blind in the morning an no light came in, the whole thing was covered in snow.

During this time I’d lay in bed every morning watching the snow fall and slowly fill up the big skylight that was directly above my bed. That was my happy place. Looking out at snow, rain or even a bright blue sky was something that always made me smile. I also used to love looking out at the night sky and watching the stars, the sky was always clear there and I even spotted a couple of UFOs in my time (no, really I did). It wasn’t often that I wanted to block out all the beautiful light those windows allowed into my bedroom, but when I did the blackout blind always did its job very well.

When I finally find an area that I’d like to live in for a few years I want to invest in my first home. I’m yet to find a city or village I’ve fallen for but, I can tell you now, the first home I buy will have a skylight in the bedroom.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these photos that I took back in 2010. You can follow me over on Instagram for photos of the Sheffield snow.

I’d love to know how you feel about the snow, do you love it or are you looking forward to seeing the last of it?