The benefits of meal planning


I don’t have kids, I don’t work a traditional 9-5 and I’m not over¬†organised. But, I always prepare a weekly meal plan.

My meal plan changes from week to week. I like learning to cook new meals, making the same ones every week gets boring quickly. My meal plans aren’t something I stick to strictly. However, I like to have an idea of 5 meals for the week ahead, pick up the ingredients and then make them according to how I feel throughout the week.

A weekly meal plan will mean you’ll:

– enjoy a variety of meals each week, instead of always going for the same options.
– know exactly what you’re making after a long day at work and won’t waste time figuring out what to cook.
– be more aware of what you’re eating and have the opportunity to plan for healthier dishes.
–¬†learn new recipes and discover new dishes you enjoy.
– be less tempted to spend money on unhealthy takeaways and eating out.
– waste less food because you’re only buying what you really need.
– spend less on your weekly shop.
– have less visits to the supermarket.

Do you plan your weekly meals in advance?