Yankee Candle: Pure Essence Collection

yankee candle

I hope you’re all having a good week. Tonight I want to share the Pure Essence* Yankee Candle collection with you. Throughout January I’ve been using up my Cinnamon Stick and Christmas Eve candles and as much as I love a warm and spicy scent I’m always ready to welcome in a new scent and of course, a new season to my apartment. We still have lots of snow here in Sheffield but with the help of the Pure Essence collection I’ve been able to make my apartment feel fresh, clean and ready for spring.

There are 3 candles in the collection; Shea Butter, Aloe Water and Cassis. I really like each of them and have found that they’re all refreshing and relaxing to burn. These candles are the small jars and they have a burning time of 25-40 hours. You can find a full list of the candles, prices and sizes over on the Yankee Candle website.

Yankee Candles

Shea Butter – This is a soft, light and fresh scent. Actually, it’s almost creamy and very homely. Although it’s only a subtle scent it takes just 30 minutes to fill my bedroom, if that. The white wax adds to the fresh feeling the candle gives off and it fits well beside my bed. I’ve been lighting this candle most evenings a couple of hours before I go to bed.

This candle reminds me of Clean Cotton, so if you’re a fan of it too then I’m sure you’re going to like Shea Butter.

Yankee Candle: Pure Essence review

Aloe Water  – This is a fresh, clean and relaxing scent. Originally I didn’t expect to enjoy this candle as much as I have but it’s quickly become my favourite from the Pure Essence collection. This candle gives off a soothing scent which fills the room quickly. I’m not sure I’m describing this candle well, it’s almost like a crisp green scent. If you get the chance to try this candle let me know how you’d describe it. I’ve been using it in my office on a daily basis and I love it.

Yankee Candle: Pure Essence Range

Cassis – This is the warming and fruity candle of the bunch. It has a very subtle sweet scent of blackcurrant with a kick of tartness. I’m personally not a fan of sickly sweet scents so I was very pleased to find that Cassis isn’t overpowering. I keep this candle in my kitchen/lounge and it takes about an hour to fill the room with its fragrance. I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this one but I’m enjoying using it up and it makes a nice change to the usual candles I burn.

Yankee Candle: Pure Essence

What are your favourite candles at the moment?