Uni Life: Efia, Media Student

After the success of my Career Inspiration series I’ve created Uni Life. The purpose behind this new interview series is to give prospective and current students an insight into life at university, what it takes to get there and how to survive.

This week I’m sharing an interview with Efia, a final year Media student. She’s also an avid blogger and covers travel, food, fashion and beauty. I hope you enjoy the interview and remember to feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below.


What course are you studying at university?

Hey! I’m Efia and I’m in my fourth and final year studying Media. Although i’m still in denial that I’m graduating this year!

Did you have to study specific subjects at college to get onto the course?

I needed to study English but that was something I’d already had an interest in anyway, so that didn’t really pose a problem.

How did you know this was the right course for you?

I guess I didn’t and I still don’t, but I’ve mostly enjoyed my time here so I think that’s as good as sign as any right?

What do you enjoy most about your course?

I enjoy the opportunities that being on this course has opened up for me. Also I love that I’ve learned things like filming and editing that I’ve been able to use in my work.

What do you find most challenging about your course?

My course is great in that you get to learn about loads of different elements of the media from marketing and advertising to web design and documentary making. However it is this varied approach that can also be challenging as you’re always learning something new and it might be an area you’re not particularly interested or strong in *cough* web design.


Are internships easy to come by in your field?

Yes and no. There are a lot of opportunities, but equally a lot of people looking to take advantage of those so it can be quite competitive. In this industry a lot of it is about who you know as opposed to what, so I’ve always done my best to network with the appropriate people.

Please tell us about an internship/work experience that you’ve gained something positive from.

Last year I won a scholarship through the Saltire Foundation and ended up carrying out an 8 week marketing internship in San Diego, California with this brilliant technology innovation company. The whole process of getting the internship was highly competitive so that taught me to take more risks and not to undersell my potential. Then the internship itself I learnt a lot about solar technology, which is actually incredibly fascinating and I made some great friends too.

Do you have any career plans in mind for when you’ve graduated?

I’d like to stay in the marketing communications industry. That’s what I do at the minute part time so I’d like to turn it into a full time career.

Do you take part in any student groups or outside activities?

I’m a class representative for my course and also a brand ambassador for the Saltire Foundation at my university. This involves spreading the word about what the Foundation do an encouraging people to apply for their programme. It’s pretty rewarding to help someone through the application stages knowing how this opportunity could have the potential to change their life!

What do you do in your spare time?

I’m quite into house music and my friend has an event company running gigs so I really enjoy going to those. Last year I got to see DJ EZ, Secondcity, Oliver $, Route 94, Ben Pearce, George Fitzgerald, Cyril Hahn and Duke Dumont to name a few! I do like my cosy nights in too and I know as a fourth year I’m kind of supposed to be winding down a bit but it’s my last year as a student so I’m absolutely going to make the most of it.

What would you’ve liked to know about university life before you started?

To take life more easy in first year haha, I spent way too much time stressing about things. I’ve actually just written a post about this.

What keeps you motivated?

A big shiny first haha! Honestly, I think an intense fear of failure motivates me. I don’t like thinking what if, it stresses me out when I deviate from my plans.

What advice would you offer to prospective students?

Uni is a brilliant opportunity to come into your own so really take advantage of that. Have fun, and lots of it but don’t forget to occasionally do work too!

Finally, what is your go to meal after a busy day of lectures?

Right now I’m really into that Fruit and Fibre cereal. So tasty!

Thank you so much to Efia for taking part in today’s Uni Life interview. This interview shows that it’s important to work hard and play hard during your time at university. Make the most of those long holidays! You can find Efia over on her blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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