Nordic Bakery in London

Nordic Bakery

Nordic Bakery

Nordic Bakery

Have you been to the Nordic Bakery? If not, listen in. On one of my last visits to London I decided it was about time that I visited the Scandinavian-style cafe. I went to the one in Golden Square, not too far from where I hopped off the tube at Piccadilly Circus. You can also find them at New Cavendish Street and Dorset Street.

I was expecting the cafe to be very busy, instead it was pleasantly full and the atmosphere was laid-back and relaxing – just what you need after a long day of walking in London. The interior is all about clean lines and wood panelled walls. I think this place is perfect for a lunch time meeting, working on your next book and catching up with friends. Actually, it’s a perfect little hideaway from the usual loud and hectic coffee shops you find.

The coffee was good, strong and a sensible size. I’m not a fan of these coffee bowls some places present you with. The cinnamon buns were good but halfway through mine became a little heavy. The outer layer has a lovely glazed crunch and they’re packed full of delicious cinnamon. I suggest getting one bun to split between two of you.

The Nordic Bakery also had a selection of open rye bread sandwiches with toppings such as smoked salmon, prawn, bire and loganberry as well as a few others. You can also buy fresh rye bread to take home, something I know I’d be doing often if I lived in London. In terms of baked goods the rustic oatmeal cookies and date cake are something I’m looking forward to try on my next visit.

I’ll be heading back to the Nordic Bakery next time I’m in London and need a relaxing break.

You can even pick up a copy of their cookbook in store or online. Then you can create your favourite baked treats at home.