What’s in my bag: March 2015


During March I’ve been making a big effort to carry smaller handbags. That also includes a smaller purse and I even invested in a small camera for times when I can’t take my 7D out and about. So, in light of a new handbag, camera and way of life I thought I’d show you what I’ve been carrying around on a daily basis throughout March.


Contents of my handbag: Allergy tablets, pen, Bare Minerals gloss*, Apple headphones, Canon G16, Kate Spade purse, Wilko tissues, L’occitane rose hand cream, hand sanitizer, Burt’s Bees Grapefruit balm, iPhone, Stripe TurboCharger, iPad.

Let me get the boring stuff out of the way. I think hand sanitizer, tissues and a pen are within everyones daily handbags. They’re the things you might not need every day but when the time comes you’re glad to have them. I also have a few allergy tablets to hand as I tend to need them every now and then. Headphones are also pretty standard, these came with my phone and they fit nicely in my ears.


Have you tried the lip glosses from Bare Minerals? I was sent this one just before Christmas and it’s now my favourite lip product to keep in my handbag. I’m not always a fan of gloss but this one is a lovely thick consistency, a subtle shade and not too sticky. No worries of hair sticking to your lips! It also smells delicious and lasts well.

The Burt’s Bees lip balm is in pink grapefruit, my all time favourite flavour. I’ve gone through quite a few of these as they’re very hydrating. Which is your favourite from the Burt’s Bees range?


These little Lactofree pouches are so handy to pop into your handbag and use at coffee shops. I’ve found them stocked in most big supermarkets.

The rose cream is from L’occitane and was part of a Christmas gift from C. It smells beautiful and I’ve found it really hydrating when my hands are normal. This is probably one of my favourites from the L’occitane range. If my skin is very dry then I tend to switch to one of these 3 hand creams.


My camera hangs over my shoulder but if it needs to go into my bag there’s just enough room (if I remove my phone).

I’ve been using this smaller Kate Spade lemon purse for a while now. It’s a much friendlier size than my wallet and forces me to carry around less cards.


Some of you may think I’ve gone a little overboard with the technology, I don’t care though. These are 3 things I always need when I’m going into London or working in the centre of Sheffield.

The big charger is my life line on long train journeys or when I’m working from various locations. You can find it over on Proporta. It chargers my phone about 6 times, if not a little more and that also includes charging up my iPad. I never use it up but I feel safe having it with me. It’s not small or dainty but it works extremely well and my friends are always pleased to see it.


I keep my iPad in my bag to use for notes, playing games and reading books. This bag has a little pocket which it fits neatly into. My phone, well I think it’s obvious why that’s in my bag. Let’s take a moment to enjoy the beautiful Moomin case which was a gift from my sister.


Right, now I’ve bored you all with the contents I think it’s time to talk about the bag itself. handbag. This Michael Kors beauty was a lovely gift from the team at Harvey Nichols. I now have a couple of Michael Kors handbags and both are very good quality. The zips are strong on both bags which I think is essential on every handbag. I like that the majority of handbags in the Michael Kors range are structured as it means the bag won’t get a saggy bottom and become too heavy.

This is the Jet Set Travel bag in coral, but it’s clearly red. I’ve found that this bag is ideal for day trips but can also transition easily into an evening bag. It’s small and neat but not too small. You can still fit a big old battery charger, iPad and even a small camera into it.

I’m really enjoying the gold detailing on the straps. I never used to go for gold but recently I’ve been wearing it more within jewellery and of course, this handbag. I’ve realised that gold seems to compliment my skin tone much more these days.

I think that’s about it. If you have any questions about the bag or rubbish I carry around then leave me a comment and I’ll be more than happy to chat.

What are your handbag essentials?