Beauty: Docteur Renaud – Raspberry Cleansing Water


Today I’m here to talk to you about Raspberry Cleansing Water from Docteur Renaud. I was kindly gifted a sample size of the product over a month a go. I’ve used a few products from the Dr.Renaud brand before and have always been very happy with the results, especially for my dry skin.

A cleanser is a very important part of my skincare routine. I have very dry skin so I like to ensure that I use something hydrating. There’s nothing worse than being left with tight skin, something you often find with cleansers. I’ve been using the Raspberry Cleansing Water to remove my make up at the end of the day and to freshen up after the gym.

I simply apply the cleanser with a cotton pad and then follow on with face cream as it’s a cleanser and toner in one. I’m left with my skin feeling fresh and clean. The product removes my make-up with ease and that includes mascara. The cleanser has a lovely soft and sweet raspberry scent which I really like. Don’t worry though, it’s not at all sickly or overpowering.


Overall the Raspberry Cleansing Water is a refreshing cleanser and if I was to repurchase it in a larger size it’s something that I’d like to incorporate into both my morning and evening routine. To me, this is a high-range cleanser as it comes in at £18.50 for a 200ml bottle. Saying that, my Avene cleanser was in a 200ml bottle and it lasted ages on daily use (around 3 months). So I image that it would be the same for this cleanser. I personally think that split over 3 months of daily use it’s a fair price for a product that works well with my skin.

If you have any further questions about the product then please leave a comment or drop me a message on Twitter.